Maud Casey

The Art of Mystery: The Search for Questions
  • Available January 2018 from Graywolf Press
  • Paperback

"In the 14th volume of Graywolf's The Art Of series, novelist Casey (The Man Who Walked Away) analyzes the inscrutable and enigmatic elements in the work of James Baldwin, Shirley Jackson, Henry James, and others. Casey applies the term 'mystery' broadly (and astutely), describing it as 'a whispered invitation, a siren song, a flickering light in the distance.' ...Those seeking to understand how to bring the ineffable into their own writing would do well to start here." Publishers Weekly

The Man Who Walked Away, a novel
  • Available now from Bloomsbury and Bloomsbury USA

In a time when mental health diagnosis is still as much art as science, Maud Casey takes us back to its tentative beginnings and offers us an intimate relationship between one doctor and his patient as, together, they attempt to reassemble a lost life.